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Do you have a stock in the USA or in Belgium?

No. Basically we work as a marketplace/logistics for these cars. We advertise cars from different sellers and take care of the logistics and customs clearance to make them get to our customers within the US and Europe.

Are these cars street legal in the USA and E.U?

Yes! These cars are imported under the 25 years classic cars rule the US and under the 30 years historical car condition to Belgium. Cars older than 25 years can be lawfully imported to the US and are exempt from EPA and DOT requirements. Please check this link for more information. (except in California. Click here for more information). 

Are there any extra costs?

local All prices listed include shipping to the port of destination and all import taxes. The only extra costs would be the inland shipping from the destination port to the customer’s desired location and local DMV registration fees.

How does escrow payment work?

You only pay us when you receive the car. Escrow is a third party in the negotiation that keeps hold of your payment until you receive the vehicle. Once you receive the car, you will release the funds to us. We use for our transactions. That’s the same company Ebay Motors recommends for their transactions.

What are the steps of the import process?

These are the steps below

  • Buy the car
  • Transfer to our trading company in Brazil
  • Clear the docs with Detran (local DMV) in order to be exported
  • Prepare the car to be placed in the container by removing all the fluids, battery and dust (this is required by law)
  • Inform the destination customs about the shipment and get their green light
  • Ship the car
  • Clear customs at the port of destination
  • Pay all import taxes
  • Move the container to a warehouse and unload it
  • Inform the customer to pick it up. We can also handle the shipment from the port to your location

How long does it take until I receive the car?

The whole process takes from 6-7 weeks.
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